2013-2014 edition OPPTA Competition launch delayed
2011-2012 edition
Emergency Interventions
The selected sites are Petrópolis (Brasil), Puerto Saavedra (Chile), Canal del Dique (Colombia), Chimalhuacán (México).

guajira 2011
Date: April-May 2011
OPPTA has integrated itself within the network of institutions which operate in the Guajira area in order to collaborate and carry out field work

wikipan resources 
During the 2011-2012 Edition it will compile and register projects and ideas related to the theme of the competition: Emergency Interventions
wikipan post-box
Aportaciones en tiempo real
A place for suggestions and complaints in order to initiate new searches, topics or investigations
active debates
A meeting point every two years to deliberate on collective problems, exchange knowledge and propose matters and actions in the American territory
The editorial project for the diffusion of investigations and projects promoted or developed by the Observatory, including the publication of the OPPTA Competition