OPPTA conforms a network of projects which interact with each other and seek to generate collective deliberation, joint actions and proposals with global repercussions.

As manager of various programmes, it participates actively and coordinates the agents involved while at the same time constituting a dynamic assembly forum with a clear objective of generating visible actions.

The OPPTA Competition (competition of ideas) acts as an axis to articulate the rest of the programmes: Priority Action (project execution), Active Debates (forums), WikiPan (digital archive) and Publications.


The OPPTA Competition opens a convening of international projects to propose specific solutions to detected problems common throughout the whole of the American continent. The Competition is the first of an interregional and multidisciplinary character launched simultaneously in the continent. The operating procedures, the objectives and the rules are common to all countries and are of a theme which in each edition will respond to current and frequent problems. The competition has as its ultimate objective the execution and materialisation of the proposals.


Priority Action is the construction of proposals or projects whose execution responds to a real and immediate need. The decision of which proposal is executed is established through two pathways: the winning projects of the competition or through the initiative of the Pan-American Observatory upon detection of problems that may arise from investigations developed by its committees.


LOGO_WIKIPAN.jpg WikiPan is the document archive of the Pan-American Observatory. It is open source-based and its contents are created through OPPTA with the participation of the agents, institutions or investigators involved in the initiative. Its objective is to become a reference tool for consulting, editing and the digital diffusion of proposals, projects, maps, articles and investigations related to landscape, territory and architecture in the American Continent.  proyectos_w.jpg
LOGO_DEBATES.jpg Active Debates is the meeting point of the Pan-American Observatory to deliberate on collective problems, exchange knowledge and propose issues and actions that may require investigation in the American territory. These take place every two years, alternating around and corresponding with the OPPTA Competition, debating the competition proposals and initiating workshops, conferences and committee, guest and jury meetings .


LOGO_PUBLICACION.jpg Publications is the editorial project of the Pan-American Observatory for the dissemination of investigations and projects fostered or developed by the Observatory.