Priority Action is the construction of proposals or projects whose execution responds to a real and immediate need. The decision of which proposal is executed is established through two pathways: the winning projects of the competition or through the initiative of the Pan-American Observatory upon detection of problems that may arise from investigations developed by its committees.

When regarding the priority actions selected through competition, the jury, called on for each edition, will name the projects nominated candidates for Priority Action based on quality, feasibility and correspondence with the theme of the competition. Then, through the Debates organised by OPPTA, the winner will be designated and the necessary arrangements for the execution of the proposal will commence.

The second course of action comes from the detection of problems through investigations and studies developed by The Technical Committee and The Scientific Committee of the Pan-American Observatory. From this point onwards the intervention projects are presented and the arrangements with municipalities, public and private institutions and social agents involved will commence so as to study its feasibility and carry out its execution.

The singularity of the project stems from the participation of multiple agents designating the Action to be executed and the combined efforts of social agents, institutions, experts and volunteers in its execution.

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