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WikiPan is the document archive of the Pan-American Observatory. It is open source-based and its contents are created through OPPTA with the participation of the agents, institutions or investigators involved in the initiative. Its objective is to become a reference tool for consulting, editing and the digital diffusion of proposals, projects, maps, articles and investigations related to landscape, territory and architecture in the American Continent.

It is a reference space which compiles and registers documentation, classifying material, from technical documentation to current investigations. WikiPan constitutes a digital archive which facilitates the consulting of information currently delocalised or of difficult access. WikiPan will have a place for multiple formats and documentation: plans, reports, regulations, images, articles, etc. from the archives of municipalities, states, institutions, universities or professional groups; thus connecting work groups.

It simultaneously facilitates edition with open and plural content development, basing itself on an  digital database of subjects related to territory, landscape and architecture. WikiPan thus becomes an informative-scientific platform for the diffusion of diverse and multidisciplinary topics correlating the work of universities, investigators, PhD students, etc. Within the frame of the project there is a place for suggestions and complaints in order to initiate new searches, topics or investigations.

The Pan-American Observatory is under the copyright and licensing of Creative Commons, a tool which facilitates the distribution and use of content within the public domain. Pan-American Observatory uses Creative Commons licensing as much for WikiPan as for the Publications, generating a legal framework which enables distribution and use of content, recognises copyright, quotes the work and states its restrictions.
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