… crear nuevas oportunidades para
el diálogo y la acción en el continente americano
es abrir una puerta a un futuro
donde la responsabilidad social sea un legado

The Pan-American Observatory was launched with the intention of creating a network of oportunities and collaboration between the beneficiaries of the projects and the social and professional agents involved, together with the public and private institutions thus promoting collective participation.

To support one of the projects is to associate your image with an interdisciplinary and international team whose objective is to intervene in issues regarding landscape, territory and architecture in the American continent.

The scope of the above embraces the professional community, with regards to fields such as architecture, environment, sociology, etc; as well as with the benefited communities, creating a rich and diverse field of action able to cover diverse targets, the support of which, companies will perceive as highly positive.

To associate your brand with the Pan-American Observatory is to participate in a pioneer project in America, bringing the prestige of your company to the social field with projects of great public prominence and long term continuity.

There are various ways of sponsoring and collaborating adapted in each project to different degrees of contribution. The Observatory invites you to participate in this initiative, convinced that creating new opportunities of dialogue and action in the American continent is to open a door to a future where social responsibility will be the legacy.

You can contact us through sponsorship. We will be delighted to explain in further detail each one of the proposals.



Hand, Salvatore Vuono